Arati posted a comment on her blog. Each day the number of responses to her comment was 125% of the number she received on the previous day. If there were 64 responses the first day, how many were there on the fourth day?

Accepted Solution

If the next number is 125% of the previous number, that means that the previous number is increasing by 25% each time.The multiplier for increasing by 25% is:(100 + 25) ÷ 100 = 1.25So on day one, there are 64 responses. That means on day two, there will be:---> 64 x 1.25 = 80 responsesOn day 3, there will be:---> 80 x 1.25 = 100 responsesFinally, on day 4, there will be:---> 100 x 1.25 = 125 responsesA quicker way of getting this would be to do:64 x 1.25³      since you are multiplying by 1.25  3 times--------------------------------------------------Answer:125 responses