Derek takes a piece of wood that is 3/4 inch think and glued it to another price of wood that is 2/3 inch thick. Solve the problem and explain how you got your answer.

Accepted Solution

First off, you didn’t really ask a question you just told us what the thickness of the wood pieces are. But if you are trying to get a equal denominator you first write out the two fractions side by side and find a common denominator.

3/4 and 2/3

The lowest common denominator between 4 and 3 is 12 so in the first equation you multiply both the top and bottom by 3.

3/4 β€”> 3 times 3 is 9 and 4 times 3 is 12.
To make it 9/12

The second equation you do the same to make both the denominators equal but this time you multiply them by 4.

2/3 β€”> 2 times 4 is 8 and 3 times 4 is 12.
Making it 8/12

So side by side the two piece of wood started out as

3/4 and 2/3
But the first piece is bigger as it turned into
9/12 and 8/12