What is 2/9 Divided by 42?

Accepted Solution


Understanding how to resolve complex division problems is critical, especially when there are fractions involved. In this case, we're examining the problem: What is the fraction 2/9 divided by the whole number 42? Breaking this problem down, we have the following important elements:

  • Numerator of the dividend (fraction): 2
  • Denominator of the dividend (fraction): 9
  • Whole number divisor: 42

The goal is to find out 2/9 Divided by 42 both in fraction and decimal forms. Let's go through the steps methodically:

Downloading the problem setup:

\(\frac{2}{9} ÷ 42\)

Step 1 involves multiplying the denominator of the dividend, 9, by the divisor, 42:

\(9 \times 42 = 378\)

With this result, we form the denominator of our solution in fraction format:

\(\frac{2}{378} = \frac{1}{189}\)

Understanding that a fraction with 1 as its denominator is essentially the numerator (an improper fraction), we can simplify our result as just the whole number. Thus, \(2 \div \frac{9}{42} = 189\).

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