What is 5/7 Divided by 85?

Accepted Solution

Division with Fractions and Whole Numbers

To understand this division problem, let's break it down into smaller sections. What is 5/7 divided by 85? The first number here is a fraction, which is our dividend, and the second is an entire number acting as our divisor. The components of our division problem are:

  • Numerator of the fraction (dividend): 5
  • Denominator of the fraction (dividend): 7
  • Whole number (divisor): 85

With these definitions set, let's go through the steps of solving this division problem. Our focus is to find our answer in both fraction and decimal forms.

Steps to Solve 5/7 Divided by 85

Our division problem is written as: \( \frac{5}{7} \) Γ· 85

Step 1: Multiply the denominator of the fraction (7) by the whole number (85). This gives us 7 * 85 = 595.

Step 2: The outcome of this multiplication, 595, will act as the denominator in our solution. The numerator remains as 5. This results in the fraction, \( \frac{5}{595} \)

To answer this problem in its simplest form, convert this fraction to a decimal. This will yield our answer. You've now solved another division problem!

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